Does anyone else have the connection drop constantly?

  • Since downgrading I haven't had any issues at all. @UI-Brett did you want me to save the logs and update to the current RC and if it fails again, send both sets of logs?

  • @ui-brett I just emailed the support files. I pulled it down before I downgrade the firmware. Currently I'm not going to update to version 3.1.0rc0 as clearly this caused my issue with my devices. I am happy with this current firmware as it has past the most important test we can run and verify. My 4 year is not upset anymore since his iPad is connected to internet. Before it was dropping on him no matter what he did. It's also pasted the wife test as well. She hasn't reported any issues with the network as well. So as far as I'm concern, this is as bulletproof as I can get my network. Happy 4 year and happy life, make my life easier.

  • @gary-jackemuk-0 Yes please, thank you

  • @carlos-echevarria @UI-Brett has there been any traction. Any new discoveries since we've uploaded the logs. So far no issues with the current firmware. Still holding off from the upgrade until we have some concrete data.

  • AmpliFi HD Gamers here and YES! Although I've had this and other issues continuing across several updates and truly my system has performed FAR less than expected since day 1...

    But relative to the WiFi drops (and returns on its own most times) - YES.


  • @UI-Brett, Seems my router updated to v3.1.2 and once it did, i've had nothing but problems with the internet dropping all my connections on Wifi. I've downgraded to v3.0.0 and that still causes issues. I've sent several logs to

    I was able to have one of the support agents send me firmware 2.9.5 and that has made it slightly more stable and only requires rebooting the AmplifiHD Router every 6-12hrs rather than every 30 minutes. I believe I was running 2.9.1 before all this started happening. Now, when the AmplifiHD router fails, I can't connect to download the logs via a hardwire connection because it kills both wifi and wired connections. T

    his is really bad. I've tried to request the beta software but the support engineers on chat don't have the file to send and say it's only available via Email. Since my router keeps dying within 15 minutes, updating to v3.1.2 to just accept the beta seems futile if it's only available via email.

    Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue with v3.0.0 or v3.1.2 firmware?

  • I'm getting these exact issues. How can I get my hands on a older firmware? I'm willing to try anything. I work from home and my GF does on-line college classes and this is really affecting both of us.

  • @Brandon-Wagoner Send me a support file so I can look at what is causing it.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @UI-JT Hello did you get a chance to look at the file I uploaded?


  • @Brandon-Wagoner Ill follow up with you in the morning tomorrow. Need to review this further with dev team.

  • @Gary-Jackemuk I have downgraded my Amplifi to 2.9.5 firmware and i've had NO issues with drop outs. I'm going to stay on this firmware as long as I can..

  • I am running v3.1.2 & I too am having constant dropouts to the modem.
    How do I downgrade the firmware & how do I stop it from upgrading the firmware once downgraded?

  • @Bear
    Here is what I was sent from Amplifi tech support.

    To update the firmware files manually, please follow these steps:


    • Once downloaded, access this link http://amplifi.lan/fwupdate.php
    • Login with the AmpliFi network and password
    • Click on Save & Continue
    • Reopen the page http://amplifi.lan/fwupdate.php and click on Upload the file (you may need to refresh or reopen the page several times)
    • Once the file is successfully loaded, the upgrade process begins.

  • @Brandon-Wagoner

    Thanks mate 👍

  • I went back to v2.9.5 & I confirmed it via the mobile app.
    It was fine for a day or 2, then it started again.
    When it happens, you can't open the app;
    but once you are in the app and it happens,
    it will show you the cause.

    It says, "Please Verify IP4 Configuration"
    I went to check if it was right in the app, and it was.
    I use Cloudfare's DNS, then I changed to Google's DNS
    and it made no difference

  • I've been having the same issues. Brand new setup. AmplifiHD router and single Mesh Point. Wi-Fi client speeds would deteriorate until the connection was either dropped or so slow to be completely unusable. Removing the Mesh Point did not help. The only way to "fix" the problem was a reboot of the router. Speeds would then deteriorate over the next several hours and the cycle would repeat itself. I WFH so this situation was unacceptable. I was literally going to pack the units up and return them to Amazon (I have until end of Feb to return units) when I read this thread.

    On initial setup, the router prompted that a software update was available, so naturally I installed the update. After reading this thread, I accessed the LAN web interface and saw I could downgrade the software from 3.1.2 to 2.8.2. So I did. The router is now on version 2.8.2 and the mesh point is on version 2.9.1. It's been 3 days since the downgrade and the poor wifi speeds have vanished. No deteriorating performance. I'll update this thread after a week of WFH.

    My network nerd friends rave about Ubiquity products, however, I have to admit I'm not satisfied with my experience and may still return the units. While wifi speeds are really good now, having to hunt down a solution to a problem "out of the box" is concerning.

  • @bigwaff Who's your ISP?

  • I have also started experiencing the mesh points randomly disconnecting since upgrading to 3.3.0rc1

    I've had the Amplifi HD setup for a little over a year and it has been a very solid setup until the 3.3.0rc1 firmware upgrade. Is there a proposed fix yet or should I look into downgrading off of a beta firmware?

  • @Cedric-Deal I have Cox Cable Internet Ultimate 300 Mbps download 30 Mbps upload. Before downgrading the software, wifi clients would get close to 200 Mbps using until the connection would deteriorate. After maybe an hour or so 100 Mbps, then 60 Mbps, 40 Mbps, 15 Mbps... until after anywhere from 2 - 8 hrs the connection would be 4 Mbps or slower. I even tested a client for 15 min straight where connection speed was slower than 1 Mbps !! Rebooted the router and speeds would be back up, only to consistently deteriorate over the following hours. After downgrading the software, connection speeds are consistently 250+ Mbps near the router and 180+ Mbps near the Mesh Point.

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