Does anyone else have the connection drop constantly?

  • My Amplifi Mesh unit (running v 3.0.1) at least 3 or 4 times a day drops my connection. I have a computer hard-wired and it connects fine during the "outages" so I know it's not the router or the ISP. This has happened across versions, so not necessarily a new development, but just annoying.

  • Nope, never had it happen.

  • @ron-mason What mesh unit are you using, can you describe your network topology for me?
    Also, for a simple test we can use the roll back feature found in the webUI and see if everything goes back to normal on 3.0.0 or if it has a different cause.

  • @ui-brett I've been having constant problems with my WiFi network becoming unavailable, while systems connected via hard-wire are fine. I've had to reboot the cube to bring back the wireless.

    This started a few days ago when I finally updated to the last firmware update that came up.

  • @gary-jackemuk-0 Lets roll back your firmware with that being the simplest test in this situation. Connect to your network (hardwired or wireless) and navigate to http://amplifi.lan/support.php (if you are in bridge mode you will need to replace 'amplifi.lan' with your router's IP address.

  • @ui-brett thanks for the response. Assuming I correctly understand your question about my network topology...
    I have the base unit in the center of the house on the main floor with an extender in the basement and one in my office (~3500 sq ft house). I have it connected to a Netgear CM1000 with a 1GB/s service plan. I have 17 clients regularly connected, iPads, Apple TV's, a Nanit for the baby, some laptops and home automation stuff.

    It's not really unique to 3.0.1, it's been the last 3 or 4 months (I've had the unit for ~12 months) that the problem has been most pronounced.

  • @UI-Brett Thanks for posting about rolling back the firmware. I've rolled back to 3.0.0 on all the devices.

    Most of the time, just the wireless would go out for no reason. The wireless network would either stop broadcasting, or it would stop all traffic even though devices could connect. The only way I could restore service would be to turn off the router and turn it back on.

    I have two Amplfi Routers and two mesh points. The second router is configured as part of the backbone for the other side of the house.

    I rolled back from v3.1.0rc0 to v3.0.0 and hopefully it resolves the issue. Prior to the update, there were no problems with dropping like this.


  • @gary-jackemuk-0 thank you for the update, please let me know if rolling back fixed the issue for you. If it did I will have you download support files on 3.0.0, update once again and download support files on 3.0.1 so we can compare and identify what exactly caused the issue.

  • @ron-mason That is exactly what I wanted to know about your topology, thank you! If this has not been directly related to updating to 3.0.1 then let's not roll back and just collect support files right after you experience the mesh unit drops. This should give us the data we need in the support file if its collected right after a drop.

  • @ui-brett will my system send those automatically? Or do I need to do something on my end to collect that data?

  • @ui-brett I'll let it run and see if anything happens in the next day or so. There hasn't been a triggering event that I can determine. I am a developer and have a 1Gb fiber connection and have been doing a lot of network transfers using docker and via ssh.

    If 3.0.0 is stable for the next day or so, I'll download the support files and then update. On the web interface, the update says it can go to version v3.1.0rc0. Is that what you meant? (Since you message says 3.0.1)

  • @ron-mason Using the application it will use your phones mail client and send it to our support channel. In the body of the email, just reference this community post and it will get assigned to me. If you use the web UI, http://amplifi.lan/support.php you can download and email it to me directly. My email is in my bio.

  • @gary-jackemuk-0 You are enrolled in our beta program, so yes you can update to 3.1.0rc0 to test.

  • @UI-Brett I had the same issues with 3.0.1. I've downgraded to 2.9.1 😞 (this is only option that were present in the UI). It looks good so far, but only time will tell. May I have a link to the 3.0.0 firmware to test? I do know how to update firmware via recovery network.

  • @gary-jackemuk-0
    I have the exact same thing since updating to 3. One of my three cubes needs to be restarted regularly.

  • @wouter-van-nispen-tot-sevenaer oh and now the other one needed a reboot.

  • @UI-Brett I've got the same issue with 2.9.1 firmware. I guess that eliminates 3.0.1 firmware theory.

    I took 2 support files downloads:

    Same as with 3.0.1 bouncing the uplink network interface on the router resolves the issue for some time.

    ps: It is kinda annoying not to have the way to ssh/telnet into the router to poke around and help you guys to figure out what is going on.

  • I have to chime in here as well. I was running into this issue on all of my mobile devices. Let me clarify this even further, it was happening with any device connected wirelessly. Clients that were hardwired were not exhibiting these issues. I was running version 3.1.0rc0 when this started. I checked my switch, settings, reset SMC on my MBAir. I started checking connections and then I found this thread. I was constantly losing connection to local devices on my network when connected wirelessly (not to mention web access). Connection to my switch and Pi's were constantly dropped (wirelessly) but this was not the case on hardwired machines. Based on what has been said and suggested I downgraded. Once I loaded firmware 3.0.2rc2, everything was working as expected again. No issues, back to being rock solid connections. Anyone else running into weird connections I recommend that you downgrade you firmware post-haste.

  • @wouter-van-nispen-tot-sevenaer @Carlos-Echevarria Thank you for sharing. I would recommend a rollback for a simplistic test, but please download support files before doing so. As you can see with @Konstantin-Zadorozhny, rolling back did not fix his issue so the update was more than likely not the culprit and I am seeing this more often than not.

    After rolling back, collect support files again if you are still experiencing the issue, then update to the latest because we identified that updating was not the cause of the issue.

  • @ron-mason after the upgrade the display intermittently showed no internet connection when in fact it was fine. A couple of reboots and a day later and I haven’t seen the issue since.

    I was playing online at the time, on wireless and didn’t have any dropped connection so I suspect gremlins messing with the display 😬

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