HomeKit Support

  • Hello AMPLIFI Team!

    Please add support for Apple’s new router functionality within HomeKit. It allows for the router to securely firewall smart home devices, to increase security on the network. While some devices take security seriously, others are noticeably more relaxed. I would like this functionality, to ensure that the network always remains secure and private. You should be able to enable HomeKit support with software and no hardware changes.

    Please add this, and don’t pull a Ring!

  • +1 for this.

    If Amplifi does not add support for the new HomeKit router functionality, I'll most likely drop Amplify and move to Eero or Linksys that has confirmed their support. This is essential functionality for Apple users.

  • @mats-staugaard I agree it would be nice but the functionality is not essential for Apple users since a lot of Apple users do not use Homekit compatible devices. Acceptance of Homekit has been hampered by what is viewed as too strict rules for its use by device developers.

  • @james-earl-ford the reason the requirements are strict is for security and reliability, both of which are extremely important in a router. if there’s a homekit router available then it’s my first choice because i know they have passed the rigorous requirements.

  • @mike-pires I agree with your personal reasons but they don't necessarily apply for all Apple users.

  • I would love to see this functionality implemented!

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