How does Friends network differ from main network?

  • I find it hard to believe that there's still no real description of what the Friend Network is anywhere online, much less on this forum. Either that or my Google-fu is epic weak.

    I keep seeing that "it has LAN access" and can access other devices on the main network, which distinguishes it from the Guest network, but how does it differ from the main network? Literally what are all the differences between the Friends Network as opposed to the main?

    I want to set up my Amplifi to allow access to a Sonos unit, but not on the main network and not on the Guest network for absolutely everybody to use. Only for a small group of people, and some of those shouldn't have access to all the devices on the main network.

    If I add the Sonos to the Friends network and it has access to other devices on the LAN, that doesn't seem like it's very secure. Is there a layer of security I'm missing here that sets it apart from the main network?

  • Good question. My assumption is it only differs from the main network in that there are different access credentials. So putting your Sonos on the friends network likely will have little difference.

    That said there’s no updated AMPLIFI app yet, so there’s no way to be certain.

  • @chris-dunlop Thanks for the response. I guess it's just to make it easy on game night to let people join up without having to keep switching the password for your main network.

    I don't know how possible or difficult such a thing is to implement so that it's easy to use in Orbi, but I'd love to see a third network added to main and guest, whereby people logged into main can access the third network's resources, but people logged into the third network can't access the main network. I would park stuff like the Sonos and other IoT devices that require network access for controller apps on that third network.

  • @christian-panas third network, as you described it is exactly what is needed.

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