Web Interface Request

  • Will the web interface ever have as much options as the app? Features that would make it easier to port forward? As well as being able to see all the devices IPv4 address located next to the device name (simplistic view) and then you can click the device for more advance details.

  • @justin-codrey Thank you for your suggestion, I will add it to our list of features for developers to consider in the future.

  • @ui-jt I'd say, in a more general sense, that the iOS/Android apps UIs should match functionality with the web interface. Not even close at this time. Not only does the web interface seem lobotomized, with a single page of options, it ironically also includes options like 802.11k that are not to be found anywhere in the mobile app. I brought this up with Support and got this response:

    "The AmpliFi products are designed in a way that they can be controlled by iOS or Android application so, then the AmpliFi web UI is designed with some additional functions that are not in the app."

    Which is (a) duh, (b) pretty meaningless and (c) ridiculous: to fully control your Amplifi router, you have to use both the mobile app AND the web interface.

    Amplifi folks, this is a real FAIL. What product manager with any competence allows the interfaces for a product to diverge this way?

  • @david-phillips Thanks for the feedback, I will add your input to our list of suggestions for future deveolpments.

  • @David-Phillips I couldn't agree more. I'm coming from the uibuiti edge router and unifi line. I bought the Amplifi HD because Ubiquiti was a product that I'd come to trust and value. Unfortunately they have limited so much functionality that the product doesn't meet anyone's needs.

    Hiding features in the web UI does not make for user-friendly.
    Making the device primarily only managed in an IOS app, makes it non-admin friendly.

    The most basic of tasks are made challenging due to this being an app only managed device. Please give us feature parity in the app and the web-ui. Better yet, bring over the features that have you have neutered from the Edge line or the Unifi line and make this device worth the price that I paid. This setup costs more then the feature rich Unifi solutions and only offers one feature over them, wireless mesh networking.

  • Would also like to see the web UI get the same functionality as the app. Seems bizarre to not be able to control it from a desktop and even more odd that options in the web UI aren't in the app. Not to mention only being able to alter a small number of options of the router itself and not the mesh points.

  • I agree 100%. Don't get me wrong - the Android app seems to work well and be well laid out, but a web interface (or Windows app similar to the one in Android?) that can be used from a computer with a large monitor and real keyboard would be much appreciated. I manage everything else on the network from my desktop.

  • I would also like to see a proper web interface with the same options as the app. I much rather configure my devices via web interface than with an app. Thank you.

  • I agree with all this.

    I dumped an Asus AIMesh setup for this because one of my routers (6 years old) was starting to have hardware issues. Rather than replace one of my AP's I went completely AmpliFi.

    I have to say, the feature set in the Asus router is far and away richer than this and it can all be done via web interface. This AmpliFi has been a pretty solid setup for the last month that I've been running it, but it needs more user options and DEFINITELY need them via web interface.


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