Amlifi Mesh Router HD or Unifi nano station HD for indoor hop

  • I'm living in a 3-stories house. Right now on the last floor I have the HD router connected to the ISP modem/router (in a DMZ) with a mesh point in the attic (another office/loft) at the last floor. In the attic i've also the NAS and other network connected to the router via ethernet on a powerline network. The unifi switch linked to the HD router via powerline is next the mesh point:

    0_1563954912522_Screenshot 2019-07-24 at 09.55.02.png

    Other floors are connected via the mesh point and also ethernet backhaul between first and last floor via another powerline network. Following the last power outage, I'm thinking to replace the powerline in the attic by another HD router that would be on the same UPS battery as the switch to make sure to have at least on this floor the network always up. But I'm wondering if using 2 Unifi nano AC , wouldn't be better for it to have a dedicated wireless link. 1 of the nano AC would be connected to the router HD in the bed room (office) and the other one in the attic connected to the switch. Are Nano ACs expected to work in such configuration? In my understanding the HD router is also no dedicating hardware for the mesh connection so it may be less efficient than the PTP nano AC connection. Any feedback is welcome 🙂

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