How much router overhead?

  • If I connect my laptop to my cable modem, I will get around 160+ Mbps down. With the same laptop connected to a port on the back of my Amplifi router, I see around but 90+ Mbps.

    That seems like an awfully big hit. Is this normal?

    The modem is a Netgear CM600.

  • Hi @gary-menszyk - are you running the AmpliFi in NAT router mode or in Bridge mode behind the Netgear CM600?

    If running in NAT router mode, are you placing the CM600 in Bridge mode?

    Or are using some other configuration, like a DMZ for the AmpliFi router?

    In general if the AmpliFi router is in Bridge mode behind the CM600 you should not be seeing speed drops on wired clients

  • @derek-saville The CM600 is a pure cable modem (no router), so I am running the Amplifi as a NAT router.

    I thing I just realized is that the CM600 web interface is at which is the same as Amplifi. Don't understand why we can't change the third octet on the DHCP server.

  • OK, bottom line is this was an infrastructure issue. Low quality in wall and patch cales.

    Once I moved cable modem to 'office', the existing in wall RG6 coax was fine and connecting the router to cable modem with new Cat5E patch cable let me see full speed!

  • @gary-menszyk foolishly didn't realize the black values on the app could be changed. This is an app design mistake since these should be colored if changeable.

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