Ring app not working (can't see camera feeds) when my phone is connected via Wi-Fi but will when connected to mobile carrier

  • I have a Ubiquiti Amplifi mesh system at my home. At my river cabin I have a collection of Ring devices (doorbells, cameras, etc.). When I am at my home and am connected to the Internet via the Amplifi Wi-Fi signal I cannot view my camera feeds. The indicator just "spins" and the feed never appears. If I turn off Wi-Fi on my phone and use only my very weak Sprint signal I can view the camera feeds just fine.

    Any suggestions immediately come to mind?

  • @craig-rhinehart Is there a router that is upstream from the AmpliFi router? If so you may need to forward traffic to the AmpliFi. You also may need to set up port forwarding rules to the DVR inside the AmpliFi app since that traffic could be being blocked.

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