Extending AmpliFi HD system by adding another mesh router - question

  • I recently switched to an Amplifier system from my previous Airport system. I purchased and setup the standard system (router plus 2 mesh points).

    However, I'd like to add to this (not mesh points). In my previous airport system I had my main router (airport extreme) plugged into the ethernet line from my fiber provider (no modem needed for fiber) on our main floor. I had one airport express spreading the wifi out wirelessly (like the mesh points do) upstairs.

    But, I had my second airport extreme connected to the first via an ethernet line running through the wall into my basement. So it was directly connected and bridged into the main extreme. This allowed the 2nd extreme to both give off a strong signal in the basement and give me multiple ethernet lines that I could use for my gaming systems there for faster connections.

    I switched since Apple no longer makes wi-fi systems and the airport express I had upstairs just didn't give a very good extended signal.

    I would like to do the same with my AmpliFi system. Currently I have the router on the main floor where my fiber line comes in. I have a mesh point upstairs and a mesh point downstairs. The signal upstairs is great, but downstairs it's a bit weaker than what I had before.

    I'd like to be able to get another AmpliFi HD mesh router and use it in the basement. It would be plugged in via ethernet to the first HD mesh router (same as my previous setup). It would be in bridge mode and give off a strong signal in the basement since it has that ethernet connection as well as having some ports that I can plug into my gaming devices again. I can them move the other mesh point elsewhere.

    My question is; can this be done with the AmpliFi mesh routers? I'd just buy one and try it but no one sells just the routers locally. I'd have to order it online as locally all I can find is the pack with the router and two mesh points.

    Thanks for any assistance.

  • My question is; can this be done with the AmpliFi mesh routers?

    Hi @scott-perez - yes, what you are asking for can be done easily, but you must purchase another standalone HD router if you want to make it part of your mesh
    You just add the router to your existing mesh as a mesh point (RAMP), enable Ethernet backhaul in the app and move the router to your basement and connect the Ethernet cable from one of the main router's LAN ports to the WAN port of the second HD router

  • @derek-saville Thank you!

    I figured you could do it just like I had my AEs setup but wasn't sure and didn't want to order another mesh router until I could find out. I appreciate the info.

  • Got my 2nd Mesh HD router in yesterday and hooked it up in bridge-mode (ethernet backbone). Works like a charm and took all of about 10 minutes to setup. My basement signal is a lot stronger. My gaming devices as well as my desktop iMac are now getting a lot faster speed as well through the ethernet hookup.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi @scott-perez - glad it is all working

    Did you set up the basement HD as a new router in Bridge mode?

    If so, just for your awareness, by setting up the second basement HD router in Bridge mode, it is operating independently from your main router

    AmpliFi also has the option of adding the basement HD router to your whole home mesh, just like your mesh points upstairs

    Each way has its own benefits and trade offs depending on your environment and needs (and Bridge mode might actually be better for gaming in your case)

    But if you run into any issues, like for example you feel wireless roaming isn’t transitioning properly as you move from your main floor to the basement, and you ever want to try your basement HD Router as a mesh point (RAMP mode) instead of using Bridge mode, it is also very easy to set up

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