How to get best WiFi performance?

  • I installed AmpliFi AFi-HD in my 3 storey home last week. My Virgin Media broadband is in the living room on the middle floor so I connected the AmpliFi router to it with included Ethernet cable. the Virgin router is in modem mode so the AmpliFi router is the only router being used.

    With only the AmpliFi router and no Mesh Points I get around 400Mbs when standing right next to the router. Great! When I go downstairs to my kitchen I got only 3Mbs. Not great.

    So I fitted 1 MeshPoint in the hallway next to the living room, near the stairs. and another in the downstairs hallway at the bottom of the stairs, below the living room. The floors are concrete. I got around 80Mbs in the kitchen next to the hallway. The strange thing is when I went back up stairs and stood next to the router I still got only around 80Mbs.

    Next I turned off the MeshPoint in the hallway upstairs and got 400Mbs again when standing next to the router. It seems having a MeshPoint too close to the router causes poor performance. anway I went back downstairs and got 100Mbs. Better but still not great. I managed to improve to 150Mbs by moving the downstairs MeshPoint halfway up the stairs, using an electrical extension lead. However this is neither a practical solution nor yielding ideal performance.

    So now i'm using only the router and one mesh Point. Can you please advise on how I can improve performance, either by relocating Mesh Points or configuring the router?

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