slow reads and writes between 2 machines

  • I've done a test to reading and writing to a nas 1 MB using "Lan Speed Test" and got the following results:

    0_1564234465203_Screenshot 2019-07-27 at 15.32.37.png

    The nas is connected to a n Ampliffi HD router meshed to another router on which the PC is connected. Any idea why it's that slow? The router are only at 15-20 meters from each others and point directly to each. Even if their are some wall there is an open corridor between them.

    Any idea is welcome 🙂

  • @benoit-chesneau Do you have decent signal on the meshed router? Is it set to 2.4 or 5ghz? There are many factors to this so I would like to know more about your set up as I understand it you have the following: AmpliFi router<WiFi backbone>AmpliFi Mesh Router<Wire>NAS (Is the other device connected over WiFi?)

  • @UI-JT sorry for the late reply. It seems I have a decent signal between both routers: the app says 96-100% on 5GHz. The NAS is connected to ethernet. After reorienting a little both routers I got better results (19Mbs write, 108Mbs in read) buthat not that much. Connected by ethernet (not a direct cable yet) I get 96MBs in write and 808Mbs in read. Once I have a direct ethernet cable I will update as well.


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