Need Advise: Amplifi HD setup

  • Hi! A Friend of mine has very poor wifi in his house. In the garden he does not have wifi because of tripple layered isolated glass. To Solve this issue i was thinking about the amplifi HD router + satelites.
    The ISP connection comes in at the garage. From here is an router with one utp cable to the livingroom and one utp cable to the frist floor.
    I was thinking to place the HD router (which comes with the Amplifi HD set) in the living room and connect it with the utp cable in wan port. And use the other ports on the HD router for the PlayStation and tv.
    At the frist floor i need alsof utp ports so i was thinking to buy a second HD router and connect that ons to the cable that relies on the first floor. If i do so is it then possible to add the second HD router to the meshed network? I know it is possible to connect a Wired HD router to an Amplifi HD set but for me it is not possible to connect the 2nd HD router directy to the ports of the first ons in the living room.
    Other setup suggestions are welkome.

    Update: maybe i can buy 3 Amplifi HD routers and attach one router to my modem and attach the other 2 HD routers to it in bridge mode? 1 first floor and one living room?

    And is the wifi is still bad i maybe can add meshpoints?

  • @jork-eggels I would suggest not buying the "kit" - there are plenty of posts about it here, but in essence the HD Router & the two mesh points are "tied" to each other. Buy exactly what you need as separate items. You may well find that your requirements are better met with 2 or 3 HD Routers & no Mesh points.


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