how to know the speed between 2 mesh router

  • I have 2 amplify routers set in a mesh network, this works perfect so far due to the slow internet I have anyway.

    But in the nearest future we are getting fiber connection in the road and into the house.

    So now is the question, how do I know if my mesh network is fast enough, it says it has 80% perfect connection via. wifi, and can fluctuate down to 60 rarely and up to 90 rarely. But how fast is this? and I can't make a speed test above 26/5 with is my current internet speed, but it can do a perfect job with that speed.

    To begin with im getting a 100/100 connection with the possibility of a 1000/1000 so im wondering If i have to router network cables between them for when I get the new internet connection.

  • @dennis-enøe i am doing that using iperf with 2 machines connected on each points.

  • @dennis-enøe If you are getting a one gig connection from fiber I would recommend you wire the second mesh router to be able to achieve higher speeds.

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