Unable to connect to router via app

  • Hello - anyone having trouble connecting to Amplifi HD router via the app? All of a sudden, the app cannot see the router. I have 3 HDs (2 in mesh mode with ethernet backhaul), in bridge mode. The routers appear to be working as I can connect to wifi and browse but I cannot reach the router configuration (either through the app or when going to the the configuration page using the IP address). Any ideas on what steps I should take? I have confirmed the IP address for the Amplifi router via the configuration page of the ATT U-Verse modem

    Additional info - I tried to update the firmware for the primary HD router to 3.0.1 from the console and it is now stuck in "updating" mode. I have rebooted the U-Verse modem but no change.

  • Well - reboot of primary HD router seems to have fixed the issue. I can also connect to the routers via the app now and have updated firmware to 3.0.1. Really strange but it looks good now.

  • @rakesh-gupta Thank you for posting your solution! It is very strange that even the WebUI using the IP address wouldn't even connect, but i'm glad to hear a power cycle fixed the issue.

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