Will there ever be DMZ?

  • Re: DMZ Support or Better Port Forwarding Feature

    I have my AmplifiHD behind another router so I can use AmplifiHD strictly for the WiFi and the other router for wired connections. However, there are still wired ports on the AmplifiHD that I'm using (until I can get a switch I guess, but I'm like literally one port short so I'm using the Amplifi's LAN ports). It'd be super nice to have DMZ so I didn't have to set up port forwarding (because of many limitations with it). In this sense, DMZ makes sense because it's behind the other router/firewall. I'm not putting into AP mode either because of some of the feature loss. It actually works quite well, two subnets and a route between them. Perfect. Precisely where I want my guest WiFi network, etc. All good, except DMZ.

    Does anyone else not do this? The alternative would be to get Unifi APs which I should probably have done in the first place...But I was sold on AmplifiHD. Not thrilled with its speed, but it doesn't matter much for the devices using WiFi, the coverage and simplicity is a good trade off. I don't have to manage it. I can manage my own stuff, rest of the family can deal with Amplifi. So with how I'm using it, I feel like it's just this one small feature that is standing in the way of it being awesome.

    I understand the target audience, but even many basic home routers have DMZ.

  • @tom-maiaroto Thanks for the suggestions, we will add this to our feature request list for future consideration.

  • @tom-maiaroto does upnp work?

  • @edward-dolezal There is UPnP but it's not quite what I'm after. I might just move a device. I have my server under the AmplifiHD still and while I put all the IPMI ports on port forwarding, I should probably just move it. Again, I'll eventually just get a switch and/or more capable router but it's just one port today haha. Years from know I know it'll be more, but for the love of one port ūüôā

  • @tom-maiaroto ahh yes I understand you needed the device to just bypass the firewall, makes sense I agree that DMZ should be enabled also.

    They can add my vote to it.

  • You got my vote as well.

  • @ui-jt No DMZ is a show stopper for me. Love the AmpliFi MeshPoint HD (have two going to order another) but need the ability for testing.

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