Can you use a Computer connected to the Amplifi Router via Ethernet as a Wifi Mesh Point for the broader network?

  • I have a Mac mini connected to the main router via ethernet in an area of the office that has poor wifi reception. I'd prefer to not have to buy another Router to act as a backhaul over ethernet Mesh Point if I don't have to, but that appears to be only solution currently. The Amlifi mesh points that came with my Router are needed elsewhere and can't easily be positioned to provide signal where The Mac is at (old building with thick cinder block walls impede the signal dramatically).

    Is it possible to configure the Mac computer to share its ethernet connection to the router over Wifi as a Meshpoint for the Amplifi network? I know I can enable internet sharing in the sharing preferences but that asks me to make a new network SSID etc. I want it to just act as part of the Amplifi Mesh network. I'm comfortable using a command line solution if necessary. If no one has suggested this, I think having a utility that offered this function would enhance the value of the Amplifi system and make it even more attractive to purchasers.

  • If I understand this, how about temporarily moving one of the mesh points approximately halfway between the router and the dead area to see if that will provide enough signal to the dead area. If it does then purchase an additional mesh point.

  • @jonathan-augusto Unfortunately that is not a feature that AmpliFi supports. @James-Ford's idea for testing using one of your mesh points temporarily is a great idea to see if adding an additional meshpoint or router as a mesh point will benefit your wireless environment.

  • @jonathan-augusto If I am reading this correctly, the Mac mini is connected to the network via ethernet and has wi-fi available on it and you want the other computers in the area to connect to the wi-fi of the Mac mini? If that is correct, that is not an AmpliFi feature but appears to be a feature of the macOS.

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