Amplifi HD + instant router

  • for size reasons I would like to add a instant router to my AmplifiHD system, is this possible?

  • @w-otter yes 🙂 there are other posts in the forum that discuss it.

  • @w-otter Yes the AmpliFi Instant stand alone router can be added to your system. The AmpliFi Instant Kit cannot be added to an existing system unless it was the primary router.

    One other thing to consider, the AmpliFi Instant will not be as powerful as the AmpliFi router (AFI-R), and for a small increase in price the AFI-R has a better processor, 3x3 antenna over the 2x2 of the Instant and 4 ethernet ports instead of 1. Obviously match the products to your needs, but here is a quick comparison of the two for you.

  • Hi @ui-brett - do you have any comments on the tri-polarity antenna in the HD versus the single-polarity antenna in the Instant?

    How does coverage compare for the two different antennas (at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz separately) along the horizontal when also considering the lower transmission power of the Instant @ 22 dBm vs 26 dBm for the HD?

  • @derek-saville Unfortunately I do not have horizontal and vertical RF coverage maps to share. You will see quite the difference in coverage when comparing the two, with the Instant delivering 2,000 sq. ft of coverage compared to the 10,000 sq. ft from the AmpliFi HD. The max coverages as you know are referencing what you will be seeing from the 2.4 GHz frequency.

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