Max throughput from AmpliFi HD WiFi MeshPoint??

  • I live in a 3100 sqft house. For the most part, I can get WiFi throughout the entire house. So while I don’t have “dead spots” I do, however, have “weak spots”. My current internet speed is 250Mbps. Using my cell phone and a speed test app, I can pull in about 10-20Mpbs is these weak areas. I picked up the AmpliFi HD WiFi MeshPoint to add to my existing router in hopes it would resolve my weak spot issue. So between the router and the weak spot area, I found an outlet where I am still able to pull about 230Mbps on my cell phone. I plugged in the AmpliFi HD WiFi MeshPoint, configured it with the AmpliFi app (which was SUPER EASY) and tested my speed again. Now I am able to pull about 150Mbps where I was only getting 15Mbps before. While the AmpliFi HD WiFi MeshPoint did in fact improve my WiFi speed, I am still not able to pull my full speed. I am playing around with it and moving it to different outlets to see if I can get better performance but so far, 150Mbps seems to be the most I am able to pull.

    I fear this might be the max throughput of the AmpliFi HD WiFi MeshPoint. If I am standing next to the AmpliFi HD WiFi MeshPoint and do the speed test I am still only pulling about 150-160Mbps. However, if I unplug the AmpliFi HD WiFi MeshPoint (so my cell phone connects to my Nighthawk router directly) and run the speed test again at the same location I can pull about 240Mbps. So that tells me the WiFi signal from my router to outlet location is strong. MeshPoint also shows 100% for signal quality @ 5GHz.

    So far, no matter what I do or where I place the MeshPoint I can only get about 100-150Mbps. Is this the max I can get? If so I will probably be returning it as I have a cheaper powerline network adapter that I use in the "weak" room where I am able to sustain speeds of about 100Mbps.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

  • Screen shot from AmpliFi app


    Signal Quality is 100%


    My speed while connected to the Meshpoint


    I then unplugged the Meshpoint and placed my phone next to the outlet the Meshpoint was using.


  • I am paying for 100/100 connection and I am getting around 50/30 from the meshpoint itself. (over 5ghz)

  • Hi @jason-medina - AmpliFi MeshPoints (and Routers) do not have dedicated backhaul radios (only one radio per band) so when functioning as a wireless mesh point they have to relay data between clients and the main router in half-duplex singular fashion (only communicating with a single device in one direction at a time)

    Overly simplified, this means total potential throughput can be cut in half

    The number of MIMO chains and optimizations such as MSDU can help offset the loss of bandwidth somewhat, but what you are likely seeing is inherent to the AmpliFi hardware design

  • @derek-saville Thank you for the explanation. That helped a lot. I guess it goes back in the box for a refund. That's too bad. I had high hopes for the MeshPoint.

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