Guest network in Bridge Mode doesn't block other private networks

  • I'm not sure if I'm missing something here but seems that the Guest Network only blocks the /24 of the private network the Amplifi is on.

    I have a number of private /24s in use, and the Guest Network can access all but the one the Amplifi is attached too.

    While I could (and do) deny traffic from the Amplifi's IP to the segments that I want to prevent access to - I believe this could be considered a security bug.

    A home router/access-point should be as secure as possible in its default state. Couldn't we just block all other private networks (Class A, B and C) from the Guest network with the exception of its own? If the guest network goal is isolation, it strikes me as an oversight, but I'm often wrong and so here's hoping a discussion can be had.

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