Kit Mesh Point Power Supply Dead

  • I have the same issue, just tried the antenna on another power supply and it worked fine, tried different antenna with this PS and it did not work. How can I get a new power supply for a mesh antenna?

  • Hi @Ted-Gilkey,

    I assume that you are referring to the mesh point that is connected to the AmpliFi HD router?

    If so, my understanding is that you cannot buy just the power supply.

    If your system is under warranty you can contact AmpliFi support to do an RMA.

    Otherwise I am afraid you have to buy a new mesh point, complete with antenna and power supply.

    Good luck,


  • As well, I have a meshpoint power supply that is dead. Confirmed by placing meshpoint (tower) on another meshpoint power supply and it works fine. I tried to file a RMA, but it does not recognize the power supply serial # 1841004672. Based upon the thread above, seems like this may be a manufacturing defect issue. Can't remember the last time I had an AC power supply of any type go dead on me. Please advise as how best to replace. Thank you.

  • @kvanczd Same issue here - two dead power supplies - Meshpoints work fine with other power supplies.

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