Firmware v3.1.0?

  • @william-kramer are you running it in bridge mode and did you factory reset after the. Update.

  • @edward-dolezal what is the advantage of factory reset seems like you’d have to reconfigure everything

  • Still hasn’t shown up for me yet. Eagerly awaiting 🙂

  • @edward-dolezal
    What’s crazy is the update is showing up as available on some of my routers and not on others. You’d think they’d at least allow all the routers under the same account to get the firmware. While there may be no issue running some on one firmware and another on the old I would still prefer to have all my routers and mesh points running the same software. Plus after 3 or 4 days you’d think they would have rolled it out completely.

    Oh well I guess those of us with this issue just wait. But they should at least explain that they stagger the availability of the update under the firmware update instructions or release notes so your not running a bunch of diagnostic procedures and resets because the update shows up on some of one’s hardware and not on others. Just seems wrong.

    Those of us experiencing drops in speed every few day or other issues that might be corrected by the update shouldn't be forced to wait some undetermined time after they say it’s released. If it’s released it should be available fairly quickly. I know many places stagger the availability of updates but after three or four days you’d think it would be available to all or if people try to update in the web UI maybe it would be available there before the unit prompts for the update allowing people who need it to have it available to them by digging deeper or manually trying to determine if there is a update available. I don’t know what process they use to jump to the next group that will have it available to them - is it based on how many days it’s available to some group of users or is it based on whether X number of those users actually updated their firmware and we are waiting for these people to update before it triggers the next group? It just seems this is a badly managed way to release updates.

    Ok I’m off my soap box.

  • @flynn-einhorn clears all the settings incase there is some form of incompatibility, it's a common thing we do on the Asus routers when running Merlin firmware I think it's every 3 or 5 versions and if you are 3 updates behind and updating to the latest version.

    It might help.

  • Hi @richard-sterling - are all of your routers operating as mesh points (RAMP mode)?

    Or are some of them operating independently in Bridge mode?

    That wouldn’t be good if the RAMPs aren’t updated along with the main router

    But bridged routers would still be on their own independent schedule from the randomized rollout

  • @richard-sterling I remember they did post on one of the updates that it's staggered, I think in this one it is also it's mentioned I could be wrong.

    I'm going to say that I do agree with you they should should group user accounts to the Mac address and update them all at the same time for consistency it would help, but I was told it's randomised, my understanding is that due to the mass posts of issues after a release it's sometimes hard to keep track of what is going on, I'm only going to guess that by staggering the relase to only some devices at a time it possibly allows the team to isolate a defective device over mass reports.

    But that's only my speculation I'm more use to receive the updates more constantly.

  • @ui-brett

    No updates here.

    Current fw : 3.1.0rc0 0-gc6ada0d416


  • @絵馬絵馬 I'm still waiting also, I believe that you will get it before me, by such time a beta new version will be released.

  • Still waiting here too 😞

  • @richard-sterling If your devices are meshed together properly, all devices should receive the update at the same time, not in different intervals. We could be dealing with a slight configuration error (A unit in bridge mode instead of meshed as one network, or a device in 3rd party extender mode).

    Another thing that could cause this is if your devices are in different "groups" Example, beta vs public release group. That would cause our system to not identify them as meshed together resulting in different release groups. If you want to DM me your MAC I will verify that they are all in the same group to eliminate that as an issue.

    Besides that, we have updated our release to 100%, so all devices now should see the update regardless.

  • @ui-brett I had the same problem. The update showed up for my two AMPLIFI HD units but not for the Instant unit. They should be meshed normally (via Ethernet backhaul). Now it shows.

    MAC address is 18:e8:29:53:f3:03


  • @mark-seall I will research this. At this point, all devices are open for the update so you should see it.

  • @ui-brett you have mentioned rolling out the update to everyone but I still have not received it on my devices which are still showing 3.1.0rc0 as being up to date both on the Amplifi app but also on the web UI!!!

  • @ali-hadi v3.1.0rc0 is the same version, you are just on the beta program, this is why you see the release candidate suffix on your version.

  • @ui-brett ah... Thanks for that. Makes sense now.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ui-brett yes I see the update on all devices now - but until yesterday I only saw it on two out of three. Your earlier post said that shouldn’t happen if they are meshed together properly.

  • I had to rollback to 3.01, the update completely f***** up my Amplifi.
    Wifi dropped out after a few seconds and the device seem to crash / boot loop, the router was so warm that i had to cool it down with freeze-element. I'm waiting for a 3.1.1 or something before trying again.

  • @ui-brett

    Ok, thank you 😉

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