Urgent: Did the latest Amplifi firmware update break teleport?

  • After the latest Amplifi firmware update none of my two teleports is able to connect to my network. The setup has green checkmarks for Local Connection, Internet. and Amplifi Router but then it gets stuck on Home Network. It is urgent for me to get them working again as I have one of them out of the country and they lost the ability to connect to my network. My Amplifi is in bridge mode if it matters.

    I may have found the problem. After few minutes staring at the Teleport setup screen a red arrow popped up in the Support button which then told me there is a firmware update for the teleport. I updated the one that's on me and it started working again. I'll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon (due to the time zone difference) to walk the other person through the update process and I hope it will fix this one as well.

    In general I find that the whole firmware update process broken. To find out there is a Amplifi update I need to look at it's screen. To find out there is a teleport update I need to be in the teleport setup screen. What should happen is that we get a notification from the app or even email that there is an update, what is being fixed, whether it is urgent to apply it, etc. Right now we are updating if we notice that there is an update and we have no idea what is being fixed.

  • Hi @avi-schwartz - do you use UPnP or a port forward rule for Teleport with the Bridge mode router?

    The firmware update likely changed the MAC address of the AmpliFi router reported upstream on the WAN port
    This breaks any port forwarding rules if your router has a static IP set based on the MAC address

    UPnP may eventually notice the change and fix it so the Ubiquiti backend servers can find the Teleport again