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  • I had a really bad experience with 3.1.0rc0 beta and would like to leave the beta program if possible. Is there a specific process to follow to leave the beta program? Long story short, my Amplifi was barely pingable via cat6 cable after the rc0 upgrade. Ping requests dropped but when I eventually did connect, my password no longer worked. In the end, it required me to hold down the paper clip reset for 35+ seconds before it rebooted (5-10sec was insufficient). I was slowly able to setup a new network despite the packet loss long enough to roll back to 3.0.1. I’m looking to now stay on stable releases if possible.

  • @chris-hanson you could do a roll back for the moment.

  • @chris-hanson Please DM me with your MAC ID and I can remove your devices from the program.

  • Brett removed me from the beta and I installed the official 3.1.0 release and my router is unusable now (again). I’m afraid You guys are going to have major problems now that this is GA’d. Problem is, I cannot obtain any logs. After upgrade, my password no longer works so I cannot log onto the app or web page. Also, I have constant ping drops even via lan. Only solution is to pin reset for almost 40 seconds, setup a new network and roll back.

  • @chris-hanson If you have factory reset the system, can you please test once again before rolling back to see if a factory reset was a solution?

  • So that’s the problem. Even after a factory reset and I setup a new network — it’s impossible to connect via WiFi. You just connect and it drops. Ping requests are constantly dropping via lan but I just changed my lan connected pc’s up to something on and and slowly connecting via chrome. It’s taking multiple minutes to load the GUI but eventually I’ll be able to navigate to support and rollback. Honestly, You may want to consider pulling this firmware because fixing this issue for the average user is going to be a nightmare.

  • Another observation. After resetting and setting up a new network on 3.1.0 with none of my PCs talking to it, the bytes transferred just keeps rising to an unrealistic level. It’s up to terabytes of data transferred in and out despite only having a 100/15mbit connection.

  • I have a video of the data climbing on the display. Not sure if it’d be helpful.

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