AmpliFi Instant Unreliable?

  • Has anyone else had issues with their AmpliFi Instant being unreliable? Mine has been needing to be rebooted about once a week, but over the last couple weeks it has needed a reboot every other day or so. It's to the point where I regret ever buying it. It has been less than a year and it is hands down the least reliable router or piece of technology I have ever purchased. I've had countless chats with support, and I've been patient hoping that each new firmware upgrade will fix my issues, and to no avail. Every few days it will say there is no connectivity and to "diagnose" and every single time it says I have no IPv4 address. It isn't my ISP, I've swapped modems to a completely different brand. I've tried setting it to IPv6, which had the same issue. There are various other changes support has asked me to make. None of it matters, the behavior continues. I have a pretty standard setup too.

    I really want to like this thing, but I am close to requesting a refund through my credit card.

    So, before I finally just ditch it completely, has anyone else experienced these issues? Is there any hope?

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