Ethernet switch ports stopped working.

  • Anyone else experienced eth port failure? 2,3,4 seems dead on my router. Port 1 still works.
    No help from support.!

  • @kent-husvik My ethernet ports failed out of the blue last week. Wifi would work fine iuf nothing was connected to the ethernet ports. If I plugged anything in, the whole system would freeze. I did get one port to work, but when I connected a four port switch to it, that port would freeze too.

    After several unproductive emails to support and a factory reset, I gave up. I have network security hardware and multiple other systems that need a hardwired connection, so I couldn't sit around while Amplifi tried to figure out what was happening. I swapped out my Amplifi for a new Google Wifi mesh router and a 10-port Gigabit switch. Better range and better speeds for both wifi and ethernet.

    The system had been problem free for over a year and the failure happened while my wife and I were out of town, so we know it was not anything that we did.

    Good luck!

  • @kent-husvik You could be facing a hardware failure, but to be certain can you please perform this test.

    • Disconnect your AmpliFi from the modem, and connect an ethernet cable from the WAN port to LAN 1 on your AmpliFi.
    • launch the AmpliFi app and select the diagnostic tab.
    • If you see a green check mark on the WAN test, then the LAN port is functioning hardware wise.
    • Repeat this test for each LAN port

    Please let me know the results of this test.

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