Teleport speed makes no sense

  • Until today I had 40/10 (D/U) Mbs speeds from Comcast. Today I upgraded to 300/30 Mbs and yet I see no improvement in the Teleport speed.

    The Teleport is connected to a 30/3 network and mine (where the Amplifi router is located) is 300/30 so while I'd expect for the Teleport to be somewhat slower than 30 Mbs all we get on the teleport is a download speed of 6 Mbs. This doesn't sound right.

    Is this how slow the Teleport is or is there another issue at play?

  • The maximum throughput I have experienced through teleport is 11mbs. I suspect that is the hardware limitation.

  • I am getting only half this speed, 5-6 Mbs which is ridiculously low. If that the maximum speed I can get from the Teleport then it is time to ditch it for something that can take advantage of higher speeds.

  • Is there an alternative to the Teleport? I'd like a hardware solution that will allow me to connect via VPN to my home network while traveling but which provides reasonable speed? The current generation of Teleport is just too slow ((5-6 Mbps) for any practical use which requires higher speed.

  • @avi-schwartz for the moment, a feasible solution that could suit your need, would be a PiVPN server, hosted on your premises (on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ or 4). Quite simple to setup and reliable (in my use case).

  • @avi-schwartz second solution, would be a Syno NAS, hosting an OpenVPN server, that you can connect to.

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