Router stopped working but is still on, 4 dashes instead of the time showing on LCD

  • Router stopped working a few days ago. It is on but shows no time, just 4 dashes across the LCD screen. Tried to cycle it by turning off and it worked for 30 minutes then stopped working again. I called support and they told me to do a hard reset of the factory settings. Did that and set it back up on the app, then it stopped working again 30 minutes later.

    I get busy at work so can't call support during normal hours. Need some help from someone that may have experienced this. Thanks!

  • @richard-lee Try configuring a new DNS. For your primary put and secondary If the network is fully functional but it cannot reach our servers for the time it may be the DNS servers.

  • Thanks UI-Brett. I'm trying it now. Seems to be holding so far. Will report back.

  • It worked for a little while but now it's back to not sending out a signal. I have an RMA in the works. Looks like this one is a bad unit. Thank you for your help.

  • @richard-lee Thank you for the update!

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