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  • We are happy to announce the release of our new AmpliFi Teleport App. With the new Teleport app, you can connect your iOS, Android mobile and Android TV devices securely to your home network, anywhere in the world.

    The AmpliFi Teleport app is a unique VPN software that protects users’ data and online presence by granting secure access to their home AmpliFi network, tunneling connections back to the home and masking the IP address. Unlike traditional VPN services, AmpliFi Teleport is based on 1:1 connectivity making it more reliable where VPN servers that host many connections are blocked.

    Users simply tap and connect to their home network – no hassle. You can also share your home access with family and friends. Simply have them download the Teleport app and share with them a connection code.

    The AmpliFi Teleport application is free to all AmpliFi users!

    Here is the official release Blog and Support Article

  • @ui-brett one thing worth mentioning though: there is no (yet) access to your LAN devices (as far as I can tell)

  • @ui-brett seems to be confirmed here

  • What does the message “Your speed is limited because you are connected by the AmpliFi Cloud” mean? Is there a port to open? Is my traffic being routed through Ubiquiti servers?

    This notice with a help link would be more useful in the app.

  • @seth-johnson Network conditions and device location can cause this - along with multiple other factors that can prevent a direct connection. We recommend trying to connect from a different connection, or even just toggling off, then back on to reconnect.

  • @virgil-nicolae @UI-Brett, I'm happy to see that Teleport is now available to all customers, but when I read "granting secure access to their home AmpliFi network", I assumed I would be able to access my LAN devices when connected via Teleport remotely. Is this planned to be supported in the future?

  • @josh-ryan Yes we do have plans for that in the future! I have commented about this in other posts, linking here for others who may be looking for this information as well.

  • Hi @ui-brett - how many simultaneous Teleport Access Codes can be generated?

    As a feature request it would be nice to have both separate simultaneous options in the future:

    • Teleport App with Full home network (LAN & everything) access code
    • Teleport App "Guest Mode" access code which can only access the internet (No home network access) same as the app is limited today

  • @derek-saville awesome idea for a feature! I have passed this on, thank you for the suggestion. In regards to simultaneous codes, at one point in time I had 4 generated and they all were active based on the expiration time I gave. I do not know if we have a limit in that regards.

  • Hi @ui-brett - just want to confirm, the Duration limit on an Access Code only limits using the code to establish the VPN correct?

    Once the VPN is established it will remain active indefinitely until access is revoked in the AmpliFi app or logged out in the Teleport app?

    Would it be possible for the VPN to be revoked automatically after the Access Code Duration expires?

    It would be nice sometimes to generate a time limited access code, for example the VPN will only work for 24 hours from the time the access code was either generated or used, and then the code dies

    The support article states "The time can range is 1 to 24 hours, or you can have the code never expire."

    How do you set a code to 'never expire'?

    Regarding the number of devices, the blog states you can "limit on the number of devices that can use the code"
    The support article states you can "select how many active devices you want to be able to connect"
    And the image of the app screen reads "How many devices / clients allow to your AmpliFi network?"

    There seems to be a subtle difference

    If Devices is set to '1', can the code only ever be used once?

    Or can the code actually be used by more than one device client, but only one device client using the code actively connected to the VPN at any given time?


  • @derek-saville said in AmpliFi Teleport App:

    the Duration limit on an Access Code only limits using the code to establish the VPN correct?

    Correct, the time in which that code can be used to create the initial connection.

    Would it be possible for the VPN to be revoked automatically after the Access Code Duration expires?

    Currently there is no timer or automatic revoke, but I will add this as a feature request!

    I have updated the support article, thank you for reporting that! The unlimited time and device was in place for beta testing, now limits have been set so they are no longer available.

    The amount of devices you select is how many times that code can be used, not the total amount of devices that can be connected. For example, if you wanted to send a code to a family member who was currently traveling, you can generate 1 code for 12 hours giving him enough time to connect. At the same time (toggle the switch to off then back on) Create another code that is only valid for 1 hour for a friend who just asked to use your network. The app will generate two unique codes with different duration and device setting, and both can be active at the same time.

    Once the code has been entered, it reduces the device count by one. Revoking access to a device will not increase the device count for that code.

  • I'm off on a multi-week foreign trip. How do I use the teleport app a week after I leave, if the access code has a life of 24 hours max?

  • @chris-duke Once the Teleport app has been connected, the access code is no longer needed. It's simply a toggle on/off switch to connect.

  • Does anyone have access to the app from elsewhere other than the PlayStore as I cannot get it on my mobile possibly due to some compatibility issues?

  • @ui-brett Thank you but I have already tried that and as you can see it is greyed out on most of my devices. Is there no APK that I can download from somewhere reliable?0_1567190906372_2019-08-30_194707.jpg

  • Extracted APK from wife's phone but getting this when trying to install it on my phone:

  • @ali-hadi The minimum version is Android 7, this could be why the APK you extracted did not work. What Android version is your Note on?

  • @ui-brett thank you. I am on 6.0.1.

  • Hi @UI-Brett - is it possible to have multiple Teleport app location profiles (codes) for different home locations installed on the same device at the same time and then just toggle between them?

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