Move Teleport Port# Selection from Web UI to App

  • For those of us that suffer from an unstable MAC address in bridge mode, could you please move the port # selection for the HW Teleport from the Web UI to the App?

    The reason being, Teleport is the primary access to the home network while away, and if the MAC address changes breaking a port forwarding rule on the main 3rd party router, there is no way to change the rule without opening up the main router to remote access, which I would prefer not to do

    As it is I have two static IP's (one for each MAC address) and have to manually change the port forwarding rule to the proper IP address every time the HD router breaks

    If I could instead use a different port # forwarding rule for each MAC / IP address and then change it in the app when the rule breaks, I believe this would get the Teleport working again using just remote app access to the bridged HD router???

    Or, give us an Advanced tab in the app with the same settings options as the web UI

    (will be interesting to see what happens when you open up the Teleport App to bridged mode routers and LAN access if this MAC address bug still persists...)

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