Teleport VPN with Windows devices

  • This post is deleted!

  • Where is the response from Amplifi? If there’s no app in works for windows or Mac to be released soon I’ll probably sell the router. Price point vs features is lackluster at the moment.

  • please, i need this feature desperately.

    any alternative until this is being implemented/build?

  • Staying at a vrbo and using free wifi and was looking for this feature. sadpanda.jpg

  • Add my vote for this feature!! Having the ability to connect from Windows is extremely important to me.

  • Here's just another signup for vote.

  • Add my vote to for this feature! Need this badly!

  • Just ordered my second Amplifi HD mesh kit for our vacation home and I really like it quite a bit. I will have to agree though that the lack of a direct teleport vpn client for Windows and Mac does seem like a feature oversight that baffles the mind a bit. I find the feature sets in virtually all other areas to be excellent, strangely the teleport implementation seems only half baked. Works great on a mobile OS, but nothing for a desktop / laptop OS??? Chalk me up for another vote for a Windows and Mac (I use / have both) teleport vpn client. Hell charge for it if you must (I would pay for it), but make me a pathway there Please and Thank You!

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