Sharing my Amplifi experience after 6 weeks of ownership.

  • Overall: satisfied, and better than hoped for after reading endless tales of frustration on other manufactures forums.

    My environment, where I am coming from: We have a medium sized house, but have very thick concrete walls that are impervious to RF signals, so separate APs are needed in each area of the house. Fortunately each room is wired with Cat6 cable so I can run everything in ethernet backhaul mode. I have around 32 wifi & smarthome devices connected via WiFi, and around another 10 that are hardwired via switches. Service is provided by a 1GB fibre connection.

    Previously I’ve used three Apple Airports hardwired together which have seen flawless service. I upgraded because 2 of my airports were the older Wifi - n type devices and I wanted full ac mode to get the most out of by fibre connection.

    I now have two HD units and 1 Instant.

    Setup process: Documented in another post, but this was honestly a nightmare and took about 6 hours. Not sure what the exact problem was, but firmware updates in the middle of the process that led to devices being on different versions seems to be the most likely explanation. Not plug and play!

    Have to say that I am impressed by the eagerness of the support team on this community to investigate problems and look at issues.

    In operation: Mostly stable and fast (even faster since 3.1). Can’t complain. Although twice I have had units crash resulting in a need for a power cycle. (Once on the HD access point and once on the Instant). That’s not the end of the world, but it is not great either.

    The app frequently times out and needs to reconnect which is a minor annoyance, but doesn’t fill one with confidence. (I thought this had been fixed after 3.1, but that doesn’t seem to be the case)

    FW Updates: I’ve been through two firmware updates without incident - but have to say that after reading community posts about issues with updates it felt like a gamble each time: will things work right after, or will I be one of those unfortunate few that need to go through downgrades, tinkering and outages….

    Which would bring me to my conclusion: The Apple Airports just worked. I think in 6 years I had to reboot one device once. There was never a question of unreliability, or anxiety over software updates. They performed well and were solid as a rock.

    The Amplifi system seems better than most, but it’s not at the level yet where one can just forget it exists and get on with life. I know that there is a lot of pressure for features and functionality, but I think that stability & reliability should be the no.1 goal. Is that a realistic expectation?

  • @mark-seall Thank you for sharing this amazing story! I still don't understand why the setup caused you so much headache after testing it in office, but i'm really glad you are satisfied with AmpliFi running your home network.

    I fully agree that stability and reliability come first and foremost over features. With that in mind, we now do gradual rollouts with our updates to help us ensure reliability with each firmware update. We strive to provide frequent updates that include performance improvements as well as new features our customers desire most.

    Thank you for being a valued customer and showing support for AmpliFi

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