What is the final word on the best setup?

  • I have my AmpliFi HD Router sitting behind a parent modem/router and have tried all sorts of different setup options none of which has ben flawless and I would welcome the experts thoughts on the best setup policy. My first was to use AmpliFi in DHCP mode as a second router while opening its external port on the parent router but kept getting into trouble with double NAT problems despite the port being open. My second setup was to use the AmpliFi in bridge mode but I hated missing all the routing options lost to that mode. My third setup was to put the the AmpliFi behind DMZ mode of the parent router which worked perfectly until I lost all ability to connect my Teleoprts to the home network. My last option was to put my main modem/router in bridged modem mode which have eleminated double NAT problem and allowed me to use all the AmpliFi's routing features whilst allowing the Teleport to connect with no much difficulty. You might think that this is good but the only problem with putting my parent router in bridged mode was to lose the ability to failover onto my second WAN in event of ISP disconnect which is a feature I really need for my security devices to stay always connected to the web (and which is a feature that is unfortunately unavailable on the AmpliFi router). I guess the fact that nothing is perfect applies here but I wonder if any of the experts here has any bright ideas.

  • @ali-hadi Personally, I would go with the final option you presented, but that is because I rarely face outages from my ISP. Do you have disconnects from your ISP fairly often? If you do, then I would take AmpliFi in bridge mode or the double NAT scenario if it doesn't cause any network stability issues or performance issues.

    I have helped customers in the past where their AmpliFi was in a double NAT and their network was working perfectly, so creating a double NAT may or may not impact your network negatively.

  • @ui-brett Thank you for your suggestions. I am now leaning towards using bridge mode (either for the parent router or more likely for the AmpliFi to still be able to make use of my main router's failover facility) as I find double NAT to have caused a lot if issues with the multitude of devices I use and unfortunately the most promising option of sitting behind DMZ appears to have completely disabled ability to use the Teleport.

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