Mesh Points buzzing noises since 3.1.0 update

  • Both my mesh points are making quite loud buzzing since the last firmware update they received (3.1.0) it’s very audible from across a large room.

    Tried rebooting them but issue is still there. Switching them from 5ghz to 2.4ghz makes the noise less noticeable but obviously that’s not an acceptable fix.

    Anyone else getting this? Can’t be a coincidence both simultaneously have the noise issue after the update. Was there any changes to power usage in the latest update that could be causing the issue?

    These are UK plug versions.

  • @brendan-m I too have upgraded to the latest firmware (3.1.0) and use UK plugs, but don't have this problem; both my mesh points are on 2.4ghz though.

  • @brendan-m This was addressed in another thread a few months ago. "It's from the power transformer pass-through energy using PWM modulation. This is usual normal operating behavior in AC-DC applications."

  • @brendan-m see if you can't get the will plate changed sounds to me like they could be an issue if I remember correctly I might have had that issue with an old PC and a burnt out well socket.

  • @nigel-steward Yeah the issue isn't really audible when they're set to 2.4ghz. Very much so on 5ghz but since my original post it has now been intermittent.

    @ui-jt My house is full of mains powered AC-DC electronics, but none that produce anything near a sound like this. I don't see how such a loud sound would be classed as normal behaviour. Perhaps if you had your ear to some mains adapters but not from 12ft across the room with audio from the TV playing too. It's been fine up until now and nothing internally has changed so why would it just start now?

    @edward-dolezal - Tried in multiple sockets to be sure and replicated it but thanks for the suggestion!

  • @brendan-m your welcome I suggested it because my house is old and some of the sockets were off and causing me problems with my gear I'm talking 40 + years old.

  • @brendan-m Can you send me a video or audio recording of the sound?

  • @ui-jt No problem, I'll get a video next time it's making the noises. Thanks.

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