Powerline Ethernet causes Amplifi Router disconnection...

  • Hey, so I've had Amplifi for about a year now. 1 router, 3 mesh points, and a 2nd router running as a mesh point as well. My internet was slower then the gigabit I was supposed to be getting, but that was resolved by a technician a few days ago. Something to do with an splitter interfering. I thought my issues were resolved totally. Not so.

    All of a sudden last night everything went haywire. Rebooting router, unplugging and unplugging, doing the same with the modem... nothing worked. The router just kept dropping connectivity to its mesh points and wifi bands were unstable. But direct connection with pc to the router showed it had internet. I was a bit stumped.

    Eventually I decided to start unplugging connected ethernet cords to see if the issue might be resolved that way. I've had a powerline ethernet plug connected to my router and the partner plug downstairs in my office. When this was removed, low and behold, suddenly internet was back. I'm not sure what happened but somehow the powerline interfered in the router providing a signal.

    Has anyone else encountered this issue? Sorry for the long story.

  • @samantha-s-dennett It is possible that the Powerline device is causing interference. Other users have used Powerline ethernet devices and have had success, do you have another one that you could test with to see if you have a faulty Powerline product?

  • By any chance are you on a VDSL connection? My power line ethernet devices have a special mode to use with VDSL devices to avoid interference causing problems.

  • My powerline ethernet adapter is isolated from my router with set of MoCA adapters so doesn't really count as a good example. Just mentioning it because it's working as great replacement for old cat5 in the walls and access to places where a coax existed that could be used.

  • @samantha-s-dennett I had a perfectly functioning powerline set up with old routers set up as access points prior to buying Amplifi MESH set up. Then almost overnight my internet started dropping all over the house, intermittently. It required rebooting my modem several times per day. It took me an age to work out what was going on. I even got my internet provider to test the cable. I ultimately ascertained that it was the powerline set up that was affecting the connection. I honestly don't understand how but I've not had a problem since I took it down. It's a shame because it worked fantastically for a couple of years.

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