Random Mesh point layout

  • ![Hi!

    I noticed the connection of my mesh points are sometimes not the same. Pls see attached images. The router is on the lowest floor. 2 mesh points on each floor above. From a logic mesh point architecture I'd expect to have the mesh point on the 1st floor connect to the router and the 2nd mesh point connect to the mesh point on the 1st floor. Although mostly the mesh point on the upper floor 'jumps over' the 1st mesh point and connects directly to the router also. Imho this is not the best performance for the 2nd upper floor mesh point.

    How to force the upper floor mesh point to connect to the 1st floor mesh point?


    0_1566202440758_Amplifi 1.png

    0_1566202454945_amplifi 2.jpg

  • @yvo-van-wijk MeshPoints cannot be manually connected to their back bone, try rebooting the MeshPoint on the upper level of the home.

  • @ui-jt Thanks! I did. But I do not want to reboot my Mesh points every time I want another connection scheme. The Mesh setup should imho always determine the best routing layout and connect likewise to the router or each other...?

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