extend a unifi wireless network with amplifi?

  • waitin for proper support of the unifi controller by amplifi i would like to extend an existing network managed by unifi APs by my amlifi network. I'm curious how people would do it. Is this possible to do it with one SSID for all the network?

    I guess it's not possible to do that with the kit but what about other devices?

  • Wouldnt surprise me if it dont as the Amplifi brand is targeted at the premium home user who generally wouldnt be configuring managed wifi networks.

  • maybe, but some of us have business office inside the house. I wanted to be able to extend a unifi network (same SSID) possibly as a downlink. Unfortunately that's not even possible to repeat the wifi with the HD bundle ...

  • although i want to make sure but the only way to extend a network withe hd kit today is to setup a bridge over ethernet right? only standalone routers or standalone one mesh point allows us to extend over wifi?

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