Ability to override LCD that's been dimmed / switched off

  • From time to time I go to check something on the router and it's during a time I've set the LCD to be off (During the night) but it's annoying to have to get my phone, load up the app and then turn the screen back on for a moment then turn it back off again.

    It would make much more sense to just always allow the screen to come on when it's pressed even if it's scheduled to be off during that time. (A manual override)

  • @brendan-mullan This is a feature that AmpliFi has, it is supposed to wake from night mode from just a touch of the screen. If yours is not doing that, it is in error and I would like to investigate. Can you please generate support files from your router and send them to me?

    To note, the slider bars in the app are for the constant LDC and LED settings, the night mode is simply screen/lcd on and off during the selected times.

  • @brendan-mullan every time I touch my screen it comes on if it's in night mode try giving it a clean it might help.

    And a power cycle just incase.

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