TiVo streaming to iOS app problems

  • I have a TiVo Bolt which I was using to stream recording to my iOS devices in home. I had a failure of the Bolt and arranged for a replacement. While waiting for the replacement, I replaced my Edgerouter and Apple airports with an AmpliFi mesh system. The new Bolt has arrived and I am having problems with streaming.

    The iOS TiVo apps show my recordings but every attempt to play causes a “Problem Streaming” error to occur. I spent an hour with TiVo support and they could not resolve.

    I changed the Bolt and the router and now don’t know which is the problem.

    Does anyone have this working?

    I will probably try the old router and bridge the new router but would appreciate any experience.

  • @gary-menszyk
    I'm successfully running a Tivo Roamio Plus using my AmplifiHD to stream. Like you, I was previously using an Airport Extreme, but when I changed over I went back into the Tivo app and set up streaming all over again in Settings. I know that's simplistic, but inside those settings, there's also a place for you to test your broadband. At least that way you might be able to identify whether the problem is being caused by Tivo or the Amplifi.....

  • @imamacnewbie Glad to hear it is working for you. Having a successful data point is useful.

    I tested the 'broadband' from the app and it is successful and recommends high quality. I can also stream to my browser using TiVo online.

    I suspect the Bolt has an issue. It took them 2 weeks to sort out some serious issues with the newly arrived refurbished Bolt and I suspect something is still not right. They've escalated so hope to hear something this week.

  • I can also stream to a TiVo mini so not sure it’s a Bolt problem. Very frustrating.

  • I am also having the same problem. Got a replacement bolt, now I can not stream to IOS or Android devices. Even when I download the show it won't play after it completes. TiVo online streaming works fine. On my third call, TiVo is now saying it is a issue that is effecting others and engineering should have it fixed in a month. I am not 100 percent sure the support guy was just not saying that to get me off the phone. Maybe others can confirm if their apps work.

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