Slow wifi speeds

  • Hi, I started having slow wifi speeds a while ago, from 85 to 25-30 on 5ghz wifi. It depends on what device I try wifi speeds on, but all are degraded from what I had. It’s bad enough, fullHD streams are not loading and so on, so it’s kind of bad enough for me. I am using latest firmware but I didn’t notice if this is because of the update (I personaly think not). Ethernet speeds are 90/90 most of the time, so it shouldn’t be ISP‘s fault either. Can you give me any suggestions?

  • @roman-bartík hi there 👋🏻 Can you give us some more information about your environment, please? It’s kinda hard to spot a problem with the level of information available. Thanks

  • Well I will try to describe it the best I can.

    I live in a flat and my provider just give me WAN cable that I can connect my router to, but I suppose it’s like ISP router > Amplifi router > devices.

    Wifi speeds became slow, but ethernet speeds are the same I had always - 100/100.

    This wasn’t an issue few days ago, and only thing that has changed is that latest firmware update, but it didn’t went from fast to slow just after the update..maybe few days after it. It has been same ever since I got the router, regarding enviroment but if you have any more questions I can give you any answer you need. Thanks.

  • @roman-bartík If you are unsure if it was triggered from the firmware update, you can always perform a rollback for a quick test.
    Can you scan your environment for interference? We can manually change channels on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands for a test once we know which ones are clear in your environment.

  • @ui-brett sure, tomorrow I will try to check if rollback helps and then I will try to analyze my enviroment with some WiFi analyzer to be sure nothing has changed around here regarding interference. Thank you.

  • @roman-bartík is your amplfii in bridge mode or have you left it in DHCP ?

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