Ethernet from point 2 to 3?

  • Hi there
    I just bought two AMPLIFI routers for a rather large flat (I use the second one as a mesh point), and I am considering a third, as coverage seems to peter out in the farthest area of the building.
    As it happens, a fixed ethernet cable runs from the location of the second unit/first mesh point to the location where I consider placing a third unit/second meshnpoint. Unfortunately, logistic issues prevent me from connecting the access point/first unit/router to that ethernet cable.
    My question is this:
    Is there anything to gain for me, connection-wise, should I connect the second unit/first mesh point to a third unit/second mesh point via the ethernet cable, and if so, which ports should I use for this?
    The connection between the router/first unit and the second unit/first mesh point is really good.
    Thanks in advance,

  • @janus-køster-rasmussen Thank you for the detailed scenario! Quick answer, yes there is a benefit to connecting your second router/first mesh to the new location via ethernet and using the ethernet backhaul option. This will reduce the hop count by 1, which means less degradation on the signal. The third router/second mesh point will be limited to the wireless connection speeds of the second router/first meshpoint, so keep that in mind when considering placement and performing speed tests.

  • @ui-brett Thanks a lot! Will the signal going out from unit 3/mesh point 2 then be equivalent in strengh to the signal going out from unit 2/mesh point 1? Also, which ports should I use in unit 2 and 3 respectively?
    Best, J.

  • @janus-køster-rasmussen

    Will the signal going out from unit 3/mesh point 2 then be equivalent in strengh to the signal going out from unit 2/mesh point 1?

    Yes it will. In regards to which ports, any LAN port on router 2 plugged into the WAN on router 3.

  • @ui-brett Thank you! Best, J.

  • On a slightly related note. Can one backhaul the meshed router using ethernet cable to the ISP router's LAN port rather than the bridged AmpliFi router attached to it (in bridge mode)? I have not tried this due to some logisitic issues with my cables' positioning but it would be much easier for me to plug the cable into the parent router rather than the AmpliFi if this is feasable.

  • @ali-hadi Most modem/routers disable the LAN ports (except port 1) when you enable bridge mode. Besides that limitation, the switch on the modem/router being upstream of AmpliFi it probably will not allow this to work, but this is something I have never tested.

  • @ui-brett I can happily confirm that I have just tried connecting the ethernet backhaul from my RAMP directly into to my ISP's upstream router bypassing my AmpliFi router and everything seems to be working absolutely perfectly.

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