AmpliFi HD speed test results off?

  • I am new to the AmpliFi HD so maybe this is normal, but I thought I would post my results anyway.

    I've had Comcast/Xfinity service for years, with several different routers, so I'm very familiar with the performance I expect to see. A couple of weeks ago I got my first AmpliFi HD (no other mesh antennas or routers involved yet).

    If I can upload pictures here you'll see the AmpliFi built-in speed test consistently reports download speeds of about 100 Mbps and ping time of 29 ms.

    Every other device I've tested on my network for years reports 175 - 180 Mbps download and ping time of about 10 ms.

    Why is the AmpliFi test itself so far off?

    Speed test on AmpliFi HD

    Speed test on all other devices

  • This is a known issue and I read somewhere that Amplifi would be changing who they use for doing the speed test.

  • @robert-stoeber Thank you for sharing! We are currently working and in transition to a different speed test services so this should be improved soon

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