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  • Can I do this?

    Before buying, I would like to know if I can achieve this diagram. I need all the devices on the same network. The main router would have wifi disabled since it is badly positioned for wifi signal behind a fat brick wall, so I would position the amplifi router near it, but where the brick wall ends. I didn't want two lots of strong wifi signal within feet of each other

    (I tried to embed the image but it didn't work for me)

  • Yes, you can achieve that exact setup by putting your shiny new AmpliFi router in bridge mode after connecting it to your parent router. You can then activate Guest SSID on the AmpliFi to use for your guests. The only consideration that I would take into account before buying is whether you would need the HD kit (the router factory-linked to the two mesh points) or whether you would prefer to purchase the standalone devices.

  • @ali-hadi I can see no justification in buying the factory bundled kit of an HD Router & 2 Mesh Points. Read the threads here & you will realise that this is so.

    Good luck.


  • Thank you. I was actually thinking to buy one Amplifi HD router, one Amplifi HD mesh point, and one Amplifi Instant router to use as my second mesh point - due to the physical form of it fitting in better where I wanted to put it. Is there a drawback to introducing a lesser specced node to the mesh? Is it going to slow the whole wifi system down simply by its presence or will the relative slowness only affect those devices that have connected to that node?

  • @nigel-steward I guess the only justification really would be a little bit of saving than buying separate devices although one would obviously be a bit more restricted in terms of flexibility and future expansion.

  • @inge-jones I have a feeling that network performance will be limited to your weakest link within the mesh system like it is the case with any other mesh although I guess that this would only apply to those devices directly connected to the mesh via the node in question.

  • @ali-hadi

    I think this thread sums it up:-

    I don't think that buying the package can be justified in terms of risk/reward.


  • Ok I have a topology planned that involves two of the routers - linked with ethernet - and two of the satellites. Am I right in thinking both satellites will want to connect via wireless to the primary router? Or are they happy to hop through any node? And with the complication of the extra router, I can still use bridge mode and have the entire household on the one subnet?

    According to the compatibility chart, you can buy a set, then add individual components later. What you can't do is combine two sets. Unless experience has shown that guidance to be wrong? Though if the router actually breaks down, then the satellite points will be useless too.

  • @inge-jones You cannot connect multiple kits as stated in the compatibility chart, if you wanted to buy a kit and add a standalone router as a wired MeshRouter that would work. The MeshPoints will be able to backhaul through the wired MeshRouter.

  • Well I have purchased and set up my amplifi system - or at least the two items I bought to try - and it's everything I wanted! Glad I found this 🙂

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