I wish these things were more stable

  • After 27 days of “everything is great” I just had one of those irritating moments where the router was not something just to be forgotten about.

    It started 2 days ago when I couldn’t connect to my printer from one machine. Then today I noticed that my TimeMachine backup disk was only intermittently connecting. Then I realised that nothing was connecting to the main router (even when located right next to it) and everything was going through one of the access points.

    I tried the gentle reset process (via the app - selected reboot). When just caused about 15 minutes of very intermittent wifi for all devices. Connecting for a few seconds and then disconnecting. Then I did a power cycle of the router and access points and everything is now running fine again.

    Now, I know that this is not the world’s biggest problem, but it is annoying and not necessary. These devices need to be rock solid. Maybe I was spoilt by the Apple Airports, but I feel that a wifi system just should not need rebooting - or troubleshooting.

    My biggest request would be that stability be the top priority above new features.

  • Unfortunately that story continues. Just noticed that the access point upstairs has no wifi. And the App says that i cannot find my network - even though devices downstairs are happily connected. Theory is that I power cycled that before restarting the router downstairs. I noticed that the router was very warm to the touch. So turned all units off, then brought them back up, router first. Now working. Quite disappointed to have to go through this....

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