4G Failover

  • Hi guys,
    Struggling to find the answer online, so hopefully someone here can help,
    I'm looking at buying the Amplifi HD router to connect with cable internet, but I would like to be able to set up a 4G failover via a dongle with a 4G SIM card.
    Does the Amplifi HD support this?
    If not does Ubiquiti have any other options I can try?

  • @adam-moore for sure, Amplifi HD doesn't support that feature (as their USB port is reserved for future "things").
    Can't say anything about other Ubiquity gear.

  • @adam-moore AmpliFi does not support something like that at this time. However, you can look into our UniFi equipment and see if you find something on their website. Sadly, we do not support other parts of our company, we only handle AmpliFi.

    Go to ui.com to find the other equipment.

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