Teleport VPN same subnet as home network

  • Maybe I'm missing something here. I have teleport installed and working correctly getting 5Mbs up and down while on it. I can see in the Amplifi app that my phone has been assigned an IP within my home network range, 10.143.20.X But if i check my phone IP it's way off 10.106.239.X I'm on an Andriod Pixel 2 XL on Andriod 10. The reason I would like to be on the same subnet as home so i can access my Nas and Hypervisor through my phone. Is this even possible if not for a free app still loving the app and how easy it is to have a piece of mind!

  • @craig-kautz There were prior post that referenced this, but bridge mode and LAN support are currently not in the original release and are currently being worked on for future releases.

  • @ui-brett That's exactly the type of answer i was looking for. Thank you!

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