Need Advice on Solution/Products

  • Hi, I am looking at the product suite to provide me with a solution for the following:

    • Need Wireless Router for a 3 story house with the ability to run an external Access Point to give me coverage outside the house. So will either need a POE port on the router if one exists. Also need some static ports to connect to a smart TV. The router needs enough performance to also connect 10+ devices including Wireless cameras.

    Appreciate some guidance on what products to use.


  • @antonio-de-feo AmpliFi does not have any outdoor access points, it also does not have a POE port. The router can handle static leases and supports more than 10 devices. Thanks.

  • Also the WiFi is slow with the AMPLIFI routers, I have a covered porch with a mesh point with 2 other in my house. The wireless coverage is decent. But I would say do more research with other venders. They have a pro line with AP and controller that I have used to setup a hotel look for that it should cover your 3 story house

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