Amplifi issues

  • I switched to ATT in March of this year, 5268 Router, gig fiber. I set the Amplifi up in Passthru mode and everything has worked fine for months. A couple of weeks ago I started having issues with my connection to the internet dropping from Ampifi, and validated that the 5268 was dropping as well. Unlitmately determined that the Router was bad and replaced by ATT. Wireless and wired from the Router is working fine, other than I don't have the coverage I had with Amplifi. When I tried to re-install Amplifi the connection wouldn't persist, would drop regularly. Contacted support and have been through many iterations of resetting all of the hardware, turning off passthru on the 5268, and running Amplifi in bridge mode, nothing seems to help bing Amplif back to life. Support has been OK, but it seems to take a long time to collect info, and get a response back on the next step. The last response is below, which(IMO) is basically "that's wierd, contact your ISP, of go figure it out". Not really what I expect from support, and now gear that has worked great across 2 providers(Cox, ATT) is now essentially a brick. So I though I would come here for help, here is the last response from support:

    This was collected while the Amplifi was in bridge mode, the 5268 had been reset, and the client list had been reset. Amplifi had also been reset.

    Sep 6, 06:12 PDT

    The developers analyzed the Support log and found strange configuration on WAN:

    1. IP address is - looks good
    2. Gateway is - wrong!
    3. DNS is, - strange
    4. Lease time - ~8.5 years - strange

    It seems that you need to check the modem settings or contact your ISP.

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