• I know that TR-069 was officially released in Firmware 3.0.0. I can't find any information on it at all on the forums. I also can't find any options to configure it in either the app or the web interface itself. Does anybody have this working, and if so where do we configure it?

  • @UI-Brett @UI-Karlis do either of you have any details on this (TR-069)? I could easily spin up a TR-069 server to test, I just need the details.


  • @brandon-shiers TR-69 is a feature we enabled in the previous update that auto enables based on the ISP's that Ubiquiti has approved. By default, it is disabled until it detects one of the required ISP's in which that time its auto enabled.

  • @ui-brett .. I see. Thank you for the update! So in other words if I have my own ACS server I can't tie teleport units into it? What is required for the approval process do you happen to know? I'm most interested as I'm an engineer for an engineering firm that has a large ISP as a primary customer and they are interested in deploying these however we need a way to have support staff look at settings and remotely manage units.


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