Amplifi HD router as access point fixed IP

  • Hello,
    I have been looking to upgrade my current network setup and after lots of reading I decided to try the Amplifi HD, not with the mesh access points, I purchased two routers and will be using them with wired backhaul.
    I was reading something that I found strange. When in bridge mode, is it not possible to define the router ip address? I always configure my access points with fixed ip addresses. Can someone please confirm if this is true?
    Every router and access point I owned until today has allowed me to define their ip address so I didn't even consider this might be an issue with this one.

    Thank you.

  • @tiago-bettencourt Sure you can. Just bind whatever IP address that you like to your AmpliFi'a MAC using the facility that should be available on your main ISP router.

  • Ok, I am aware of that but I would much prefer to be able to have all the devices with manual ip like I have now. With a Mac reservation if my main router is out for whatever reason I cannot access the Amplifi hd. This is a pretty basic functionality and should be available...

  • @tiago-bettencourt your AmpliFi (or any other router as far as I know) will not be handling the DHCP leases or IP assignments in Bridge mode and that task would fall entirely on your parent router as it would be the one handling all tha NAT. If you would like to use your AmpliFI for that purpose then you will have to either use your ISP router in bridge (modem-only) mode and use your AMpliFi to handle all routing tasks or use your AmpliFi in DHCP mode in which case you will have a double-NAT situation which is not desirable.

  • I want amplifi to work as an access point. My other router will handle DHCP, port forwarding, etc. I just find it strange not being able to just define a fixed ip for the Amplifi routers without having to use mac reservations. If I put another router in bridge mode I can still define what his ip will be.

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