200-400mbps max on wifi

  • He y’all, figured I’d post to see if anybody has any suggestions. I currently have waveG gigabit service. My Ethernet speeds are around 960mbps always, yay! But over wifi, I can’t seem to get above 200-400mbps. I know that there are limitations over WiFi 5, but wondering if anyone had any better luck?

    For example, on iPhone I can sometimes get around 400mbps download, same with my MacBook Pro. But on my gaming rig, impossible. I even have a intel WiFi ax200 wireless card. I understand that This router does not support WiFi 6 nor 160hz, but i thought it’d still offer more than 200mbps average using that card. It’s stated that this card should support wireless ac 1733mbps, yet I’m seeing Linz speed of 866mbps max. I’m pretty sure that’s the limitation of wireless ac and advertised speed is a combined speed. But, is it possible to increase the throughput? For example, MacBook Rx bitrate fluctuated and sometimes is at 1.3gbps, while Tx rate is low. But on windows devices, it’s always at 866mbps each way.

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